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The Detroit LIFE Coalition (DLC) has had a great year of building key relationships and growing our education organizing efforts. This year has been filled with eye opening experiences due to our national visits to other school districts and our local organizing work. One of the major revelations is that even though many black and brown school districts are under siege, many of these black and brown school districts have forge new paths in building educational systems that reflect their progressive needs and desires. Cities like Chicago, the Bronx, Camden, Newark, Philadelphia, Washington DC, New York City and New Orleans all have viable examples of educational organizing victories. Members of the DLC have visited many of the above cities and have met with the movers and shakes in order to learn about their educational organizing strategies all in an effort to bring those skills home and put them to use. With all that said, here are some of Detroit’s educational organizing victories in progress:

  • The DLC is part of the coordinating committee for the Detroit Independent Freedom School Movement (DIFS)

  • The DLC and Journey 4 Justice members are assisting Inkster citizens (Inkster Viking Pride) in strategy sessions regarding the restoration of their education system.
  • Successful collaboration with progressive Education Advocates from around Michigan all in an effort to build a State-wide network of Education Organizers

As highlighted above, the DLC’s work in Detroit has been multifaceted; however the idea of using listening projects to hear the voices of the people directly impacted by educational inequities has spread across Michigan like a wild fire. If you are interested in hosting a Listening Project in your community that has experience education inequities or any other human inequity, the DLC would love to facilitate the Listening Project.

DLC Focus Areas:
1. Sustainable Community School Institute
2. Sustainable Community School Study Tour
3. Community Organizing Institute
4. Membership Development
5. Legislative visits
6. Listening Project
7. Presentations

The Detroit LIFE Coalition is a program of the Detroit Youth Report (DYR). The Detroit LIFE Coalition is the youth empowerment program of the DYR and both are part of a national alliance of community based, and youth organizations dedicated to addressing the lack of investment in young people’s success on a local, state and federal level.

If there are questions regarding Detroit LIFE Coalition’s work or you would like to host a Listening Project please feel free to call 313-288-9340